Official Dream Night Press Release



Jupiter, FL — Dream Night Talent Search, an opportunity for young emerging artists to showcase their talent for a chance to win prizes and a huge amount of exposure, started as the dream of one woman—Wendy Kay. As Utopia Artists’ Owner/Operator, Wendy Kay is an industry insider who not only books influential artists from decades past, but also has an ear for rising stars. Wendy has a passion for finding new talent globally that are “hiding in plain sight”, and a resolve to give them a shot at the “big time”.

Over the 29 years she’s been in business, Wendy Kay has represented notable artists from the 50’s to the 90’s–to today and the best production shows catering to young new talent. Wendy’s most enjoyable part of her business is producing multi-act concerts and her latest project, the newly-launched national Dream Night Talent Search is reflective of both her dedication and her well-honed vision.

Wendy’s father, Arnie Kay, founded Mars Talent Agency in 1972. His specialty was booking 50’s and 60’s artists. In 1985, Wendy joined the family business–and never left. In 2007, Wendy joined forces with the principles of Paradise Artists and was inspired to form their sister company, Utopia Artists. In 2010, Paradise and Utopia amicably went their separate ways and Wendy forged ahead with Utopia Artists, LLC.

To date, Wendy counts as one of her most rewarding ventures her national Dream Night Talent Search. With the help of Paul Kasofsky of Rainbow Management, Gary Alan of TalentWatch, and other behind-the-scenes industry friends and associates, Dream Night Talent Search is ready to launch! The Dream Night events provide huge opportunities for the artists to garner valuable exposure in the industry and build their fan base, as well as vie for the amazing prizes–$1000, a professionally-produced video of their live performance, and a private audition for America’s Got Talent. In some instances, the winner also performs that same night with a headlining act! One such opportunity is for the winner of the Enid, Oklahoma contest. Not only will America’s Got Talent 2011 winner Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. serve as a Guest Judge for the competition, but the champion of the Enid show will serve as a supporting act for Landau’s concert that same night! Also, the winner of the Canadian Dream Night competition will be opening for Jeff Cook of Alabama!

Dream Night winners will also receive significant media recognition from both print and radio partners that are lending their support to Dream Night via broadcast and publishing. Winners will also benefit from valuable input from knowledgeable industry leaders in Public Relations and Artist Development. Members of the “Dream Team” of media and industry supporters include ION Indie Magazine, TRS 24/7 Radio, SpotOn MagazinePCG NashvilleThe Vocalist Magazine, Indie Music Bus, and A1 Promotions! Also included are the philanthropic presences of Cathy Crippen Hansen (in memorial to her father, Charles Crippen) and the Young Adventurers organization. Another notable addition to the Dream Night Talent Search team is Star One Records/Star One Entertainment. Founder and CEO Laura Marie Patterson has recently announced Star One’s promotional agreement with Viacom Media Network.

Besides the budding stars themselves, Dream Night Talent Search is equally beneficial to the music industry personnel who will utilize the contest to expand their reach and cull unknown talent. Every season, Wendy receives calls from America’s Got Talent producers seeking contestants. She is also often sought out by other industry notables as a resource for talent. The development of Dream Night provides a forum for performers that would normally go “unseen” to shine–and hopefully, get their shot at stardom!

The Dream Night events also enable corporate sponsors to be part of an exciting opportunity to make dreams come true for young people across America.

Wendy, along with long-time friend and business associate Paul Kasofsky, set up Dream Night competitions at 4 locations in North America, where artists from ages 12-29 receive a day of mentoring leading up to the performance and selection of one winner. Just last year, the first Dream Night event gave rise to the multi-talented Zackary Lane during a contest in New Brunswick, Canada. The teen’s voice stunned the internet and live audience—prompting Wendy to personally coach the soon-to-be star. This experience also inspired Wendy to expand and launch Dream Night across North America to provide greater opportunity for more artists to be seen, heard, and discovered.

The Dream Night process begins online. Early on, Wendy recognized the TalentWatch platform as a way to choose performers and kick-start the competition. Potential contestants upload a video of their performance to the TalentWatch site, along with a short bio video so voters can get a feel for the artist, and hopefully, make a connection. Registered users will pick the top 40 videos. From there, Wendy and her industry judges will cut that number in half after an intensive mentoring session, and 20 TalentWatch contestants will go on to perform LIVE. The 20 live contestants will also receive important advice and a priceless look into the music industry before they hit the stage.

Dream Night Talent Search 2014 will take place at the following locations:

September 3-4: Fredericton, Canada/New Brunswick Provincial Exhibition
October 10-11: Bayside, New York/Queensborough Performing Arts Center
October 17-18: Enid, Oklahoma/Chisholm Trail Expo
November 7-8: Coral Gables, Florida/The Bank United Center/University of Miami

Wendy’s enthusiasm for her latest venture is apparent, “Working with Dream Night keeps me young and humble and I never tire of the dedicated young talent I get to meet and grow to love!”

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